• Sulina

    Greetings to my fellow editors,

    I'm the current system operator of this wiki and this blog is likely an unofficial announcement of community projects, without the intent of spread malicious on this wiki. Considering how small our community is with no more than 10 official users, however, I think it's necessary to address you all. This is also a statement for any new users we shall receive, or for those just lurking and stopping by.

    This series that is still ongoing will require more effort from all of us if we intend on achieving this. And hope that I can have assistance and involvement from more us other than myself.

    So, right here is the main topic. As of now, there're totally 06 projects that we wanna run to improve wiki quality, as listed …

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  • Self-Proclaimed King

    This discussion board will temporarily serve as a statistical point collecting page until an official progression page is established.

    • Kiyotaka Ayanokōji - 82,235 points
    • Suzune Horikita - 91,887 points
    • Kikyō Kushida - 54,705 points
    • Ken Sudō - 3,115 points
    • Kanji Ike - 42 points
    • Haruki Yamauchi - 28 points
    • Yōsuke Hirata - 21,170 points
    • Rokusuke Kōenji - 6,284 points
    • Kei Karuizawa - 2,389 points
    • Maya Satō - 6,850 points
    • Chiaki Matsushita - 8,029 points
    • Hideo Sotomura - 13,668 points
    • Kokoro Inogashira - 68,192 points
    • Mei-Yu Wang - 25,956 points

    • Honami Ichinose - Secret (?)
    • Chihiro Shiranami - 15,175 points

    • Kiyotaka Ayanokōji - 62,110 points
    • Suzune Horikita - 88,106 points
    • Kikyō Kushida - 47,224 points
    • Ken Sudō - 31 points
    • Yōsuke Hirata - 9,826 points
    • Haruki Yamauch…

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  • Self-Proclaimed King

    Disclaimer: I do not own this or personally wrote it myself. I stumbled upon this a while ago and felt like it's something need to be shared.

    Licenseless Rider comments on Episode 2:

    The moment Suzune-kun mentioned the musculature structure of Ayanokōji-kun's arm (specificily his forearms), his stock went up in my book and promised a glimmer of hope to see some martial arts in this anime. And nearing the end of this episode my hopes where answered; this protagonist isn't a wimp.

    Now, since Suzune-kun pointed out the forearms in particular it is heavily implied that Ayanokōji's fighting background is a grappling based martial arts. This is further proven with the finishing move he wanted to attempt before the villainous elder Horikita sibling q…

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  • Bagwis

    Wikia Adoption

    July 31, 2017 by Bagwis

    Seeing as how the current roster of admins hasn't made an edit since May 2017, I've been thinking about adopting the wiki and fixing it up a bit.

    During my reign as an admin, I'll do the following:

    • 1. Add a favicon. (If you guys have an opinion on what to put, you are more welcome to tell me in the comments down below.)
    • 2. Improve the theme with some graphics and a wordmark.
    • 3. Massive overhaul of templates.
    • 4. I'm also thinking of promoting other active users to some extent of authority in this wikia to keep it active.

    Feel free to voice in your opinions in the comments of this blog.

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