Class 1-A (1年A組, Ichinen Eī-Kumi), simply referred to as A-Class (Aクラス, Eī Kurasu), is one of four classes in the first grade of Advanced Nurturing High School. In the S-System, this class is considered to be the highest ranking among the freshman students of the school. It is the one that most first year students aim to reach after advancing further in their studies. Due to this, class 1-A has a highly competitive environment.


Tomoya Mashima Anime
Tomoya Mashima
Homeroom Teacher
Chie Hoshinomiya CharMug
Chie Hoshinomiya
Subject Teacher
Kazuma Sakagami Anime
Kazuma Sakagami
Subject Teacher
Sae Chabashira CharMug
Sae Chabashira
Subject Teacher

Students Edit

Arisu Sakayanagi CharMug
Arisu Sakayanagi
Class Representative
Kōhei Katsuragi CharMug
Kōhei Katsuragi
Class Representative

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