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I'm living as my ideal self. I always knew I was blessed even when compared to my peers. I have good memory and so I excelled in academics. I'm also good at sports. I'm also confident when it comes to socializing. I'm also a very flexible person and I can adapt to almost any situation. So.

『Am I a perfect human being?』

If you ask me that, the answer would be 'no'.
— Kikyō Kushida's Monologue, Light Novel Volume 6

Kikyō Kushida LN visual

Kikyo Kushida Manga

Kikyō Kushida Anime

Kikyō Kushida
 Japanese 櫛田 桔梗
 Rōmaji Kushida Kikyō
 Gender Female Symbol Female
 Age 16
 Birthday Aquarius Symbol January 23
 Height 155 cm
 Hair Color Beige
 Eye Color Crimson Gradient
 Measurements B82(D)/W55/H83
Professional Status
 Status Active
 Student ID S01T004721
 Class 1-D
 Group Suzune's Study Group
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School
 Occupation Student
 Private Point 39313 (history)
 Novel Volume 1
 Manga Volume 1, Room 0.5
 Anime Episode 1
 Japanese Yurika Kubo (Anime)
Minami Takahashi (PV 2015)
 English Sarah Wiedenheft

Kikyō Kushida ( (くし) () () (きょう) , Kushida Kikyō) is one of the main characters of the You-Zitsu series. She is a student of class 1-D. She is quite popular in her class as well as the whole school as she aims to befriend everyone.

Appearance Edit

Kikyō Kushida Anime Appearance

Kikyō Kushida's full appearance in the anime.

Kikyō is a teenage girl of average height with crimson gradient eyes and short beige-coloured hair. She is noted for having a well-endowed figure and is considered attractive by the boys in her class.

When outside school, she wears a light blue dress with a white colour and has teal coloured jacket covering it.

Personality Edit

She boasts tremendous popularity among students as the D-Class' idol. She aims to be friends with everyone not just in D-Class as shown when she extended to befriending Honami Ichinose of class 1-B. She wants to get along well with her classmate Suzune Horikita but the latter coldly refuses her multiple gestures of friendship.

Episode 003-09

Kikyō showing her masked side after throwing a tantrum.

It is revealed that she also has a hidden side to her personality. She professes her hatred for Suzune, while Kiyotaka Ayanokōji listened. She warned him not to tell anyone or else she would accuse him of sexual assault. She also felt no hesitation or uneasiness when she placed his hand on her breast as evidence to her accusation. She returned to her kind-hearted-self seconds after he promised he'd keep her secret, which left him to question over either personality were real. Despite her disdain for Suzune, she still attempts to befriend meaning she may simply dislike her ways and wants to get along.

In a talk with Kiyotaka, she reveals that her disdain for Suzune is due to the latter not having a hidden side unlike herself. During this, she was sincere which was contrasting to her violent tendencies but part of her other-self was seen when she called Kiyotaka mean for being vague in his answer to her question.

  Spoiler warning: Plot from light novel beyond anime adaptation details follow. Click here to show spoilers.

In the light novel, more of her violent side is shown as she revealed that she hated Kiyotaka from the moment she met him for reasons yet to be revealed. Her behaviour may hint that she merely sees everyone as a way to boost her reputation and chooses to hide it to avoid losing support. This is somewhat seen as its revealed she and Suzune went to middle school and her reason for trying to befriend her was to see if Suzune discovered her secret.

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Abilities Edit

Academic Abilities Edit

Plot Edit

Kikyō is first seen on the school bus when she tries to persuade Rokusuke Kōenji to give up his seat for an elderly woman. He refused to comply, as the woman gave up on the seat. In the manga, however, Rokusuke eventually moved. She was next seen in the class introducing herself to her classmates, stating she hopes they could all be friends with them gaining her instant popularity.

At some point, she befriended Honami Ichinose of Class 1-B to further her goal of making friends with everyone.

Episode 001-082

Kikyō asking for Kiyotaka's help.

She later speaks to Kiyotaka asking for his help in befriending Suzune as he asks why she states it was due to him being the only person she talks to in the class. Her plan goes awry as Suzune saw through it and rejected the thought of friendship as she considered it unnecessary. Despite this, Kikyō still made an acquaintance out of Kiyotaka who was more accepting of her offer of friendship. When he sees her greet Honami, she reveals that she did not just want to befriend their class but the whole school.

LN Vol 01-10

Kikyō threatening Kiyotaka.

After the party, Kiyotaka noticed she left her phone and tried to return it to her but she was already in the elevator and had left the dorm building. While alone she angrily curses Suzune, Kikyō threatened him with the false accusation of sexual harassment by putting his hand on her breast. She told him not to tell the tell their class about her secret which he promised to not expose as she went back to her bubbly-self, causing him to wonder which was the real her.

The next day, she meets Suzune and they go to the elevator where they meet Kiyotaka who she talks to for a while, completely ignoring what happened the previous night. After the elevator opens, Suzune leaves the pair as Kikyō is disappointed as she expected to walk to school together.

She is then happily greeted by Honami who she returns the greeting before Honami inquired if Kiyotaka was her boyfriend but is told that is not the case. Honami then asked if they got their points but isn't given an answer as the two are confused by her question. She and Kiyotaka go to class and learn that because of a recent incident they wouldn't get points until a solution comes up.

Episode 007-09

Kikyō at the pool.

Eventually, its revealed that the incident was fought between Ken and some students of Class 1-C. Kikyō then gathers the class into helping prove the latter's innocence by asking Kiyotaka if he'll help out to which he agrees and she tries the same for Suzune who brushes her off and leaves. After they searched for witnesses, she and her group were disappointed that nothing came up as the others began suggesting Ken was lying about self-defence. When Honami showed up and says she will help Kikyō and her friends out in proving Sudō's innocence, Kikyō happily thanked Honami for the aid. Kiyotaka grabbed her wary as Kikyō was confused by his behaviour before Honami assured him that her actions were well-meaning as she stated she had a debt to him. Kikyō was very curious to know exactly what Honami owed Kiyotaka.

Episode 008-24

Kikyō and Kiyotaka on the cruise.

During the school cruise, she enjoys herself at the pool before being called upon by Kanji Ike who asks to speak with her. They meet and he appears nervous as he asks to call her by her first name which she allows if she can do the same for him. She is then put off by his excitement but is shown smiling about it. Later on, she wanders the ship and found Kiyotaka with Airi who suddenly left as Kikyō is confused by this strange behaviour as she spoke to Kiyotaka notices his uneasiness around her even shifting back to her other personality to make him talk with her. She inquired if he was nervous being alone with her which he confirms as she explains she had that guess before she goes back to her happy self-assured. She also appeared to want to tell him something but backs out at the last minute and simply leaves.

In the middle of the test, she noticed his and Suzune's close association as other students took note of it as well. After the survival test, she and the class thank Suzune for her "help" in passing the test. She slips away to talk with Kiyotaka, she notes on how popular Suzune had become and she explained that she hates Suzune because of her not having a hidden side. She also asked if he had to choose between siding with her or Suzune as he remarked he didn't know as she jokingly calls him mean.

Trivia Edit

  • Kikyō possesses a hidden personality.

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