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Mio Ibuki LN visual

Mio Ibuki Manga

Mio Ibuki Anime

Mio Ibuki
 Japanese 伊吹 澪
 Rōmaji Ibuki Mio
 Gender Female Symbol Female
 Age 16
 Birthday Leo Symbol July 27
 Height 159 cm
 Hair Color Cerulean Gradient
 Eye Color Violet Gradient
 Measurements B73(B)/W54/H78
Professional Status
 Status Active
 Student ID S01T004714
 Class 1-C
 Affiliation Advanced Nurturing High School
 Occupation Student
Class Representative
 Private Point 112701 (history)
 Novel Volume 3
 Manga Volume 4, Room 17
 Anime Episode 4
 Japanese Mikako Komatsu
 English Jamie Marchi

Mio Ibuki ( () (ぶき) (みお) , Ibuki Mio) is a student and one of the representatives of class 1-C along with Kakeru Ryūen.

Not only does she possess excellent academic qualities, but her physical ability is also not to be underestimated. She is skilled in combat, having the knowledge of several martial skills that can rival those of many martial artists.

Appearance Edit

Mio Ibuki Anime Appearance

Mio Ibuki's full appearance in the anime.

Mio is a teenage girl of average height with purple eyes and short blue colored hair. She is usually seen wearing the school uniform with a blue bowtie and orange shirt. Like all the other first years, she wore the red tracksuit over the special island exam period.

Personality Edit

Mio Ibuki rather prefers acting alone to socializing, which is one of the reasons why she is often isolated in her class.

Unlike her peers, she doesn't seem to enjoy the violence inflicted on others as shown when she flinched after Kakeru smashed a glass bottle on the head Daichi Ishizaki or when Albert Yamada was ordered to beat Daichi and the others for their failure in attempting to get Ken Sudō expelled. She made it clear that she disapproved of their cruelty and wanted them to stop their actions.

She doesn't like being insulted as demonstrated when she told off Kakeru for treating her like a plaything when he made advances on her. She appears to not like being pitied as shown when she angrily slapped away the hand of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji despite him trying to help her up after she was knocked to the ground.

Due to her time with Kakeru, she has come to expect mistrust or deception and even accusations towards herself. She told Kiyotaka and his group to leave her alone when they enquired about her. However, she is capable of being surprised, like when people actually give her the benefit of the doubt, shown as she was caught off-guard when Kiyotaka stated he trusted her after some panties were stolen from the girl's tent during the island exam. She was so shocked at his belief in her that she nervously blushed while thanking him for it. She was also seen curious, when Kikyō Kushida and Haruki Yamauchi commented on how incredibly close Suzune Horikita and Kiyotaka were lately.

Episode 011-06

Mio's true self.

She is very deceptive as it turned out she infiltrated D-Class to steal the key card from Suzune while she was cleaning herself off, despite the class showing her kindness by taking her in and providing food and other necessities. She showed no remorse in stealing the card, even defeating Suzune in a fight.

Abilities Edit

Physical Abilities Edit

Mio seems to be an able fighter, having defeated Suzune with ease during the island test.

  Spoiler warning: Plot from light novel beyond anime adaptation details follow. Click here to show spoilers.

Despite her prowess, she was no match for Kiyotaka who easily dodged her strikes and overpowered her with no problem.

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Academic Abilities Edit

Plot Edit

Mio Ibuki made her debut sitting at the karaoke bar of Keyaki Mall, where she is seen flinching after Kakeru Ryūen smashed a glass bottle over Daichi's head.

She is later seen with Kakeru and his henchmen after failing to get Ken expelled. She looked away as Albert proceeded to beat up Daichi again for failing in his attempt to expel Ken.

Episode 008-21

Kiyotaka attempting to help Mio up.

During the school cruise, Mio confronted Kakeru and demanded him to stop his actions, but he disregarded her words and told her to come back to his room while putting his arm around her. Disgusted, she slapped away his hand and demanded him to take her words seriously but was ignored as Kakeru walked away. When she tried to stop him, Albert intervened, in which she called him a puppet for following Kakeru's orders and tried once more to speak to the latter but Albert pushed her against the rails telling her to stop. Kiyotaka came to help her up before she angrily slapped his hand away and scolding him not to get involved in her business and stormed off.

During the survival test, Kiyotaka, Airi Sakura and Haruki found Mio injured, she had bruises on her face and was slumped against a tree. Mio was taken back to class 1-D's camp by the group despite protesting that they were enemies during this test.

Episode 011-07

Mio talking to Kiyotaka asking if he doesn't trust her like the others.

The morning after the underwear theft incident, Mio approached Kiyotaka as he was working on the boy's tent. She stated that she found the theft unforgivable and says that she is aware people like Ken Sudō that believed she had don it herself because she was an outsider to the class. Mio stated she knew Kiyotaka holds the same belief but he surprised her by revealing he did trust her, leaving her to thank him and blush nervously. She also became more curious about Kiyotaka's relationships with other people, as she was seen turning around and took a glance when Kikyō and Haruki both commented on how incredibly close Suzune and Kiyotaka were lately. While doing so, she caught a glimpse of Suzune's leader card and since her camera had been destroyed decided to steal it while Suzune was cleaning herself in the waterfall after Haruki poured mud on her.

Shortly afterward, somebody started a fire at camp burning the survival test manual leading to even more trust problems within D-Class. Mio used this as an opportunity to sneak away from the camp.

Episode 011-14

Mio and Suzune fighting.

Suspecting that the incident was Mio's doing, Suzune searched for her and found out that she stole the leader's key card that Suzune was entrusted with. Mio attacked Suzune despite the rules prohibiting violence against students from other classes knowing that as long as nobody noticed, she can get away with it. Taking advantage of Suzune's illness, Mio easily beat her and brought the card to a student that requested the key card.

It was later revealed that Kiyotaka had known that Mio was a spy sent from class 1-C, finding Mio's hidden camera and two way radio in which Kakeru had the other one, inciting that he had not left the island and planned to deceive everyone else to gain the most points for the test, in which Kiyotaka staged certain events so that Mio could find their 'leader', planning to swap leaders due to Suzune's illness and the key card theft. After the island test was complete and C-Class came last, Mio apologized to Kakeru about incorrectly guessing class 1-D's leader (although she was right but Kiyotaka had changed leaders without her knowledge), in which he forgave her as he recognized that someone outwitted them, leading to their loss and Class D's victory.

  Spoiler warning: Plot from light novel beyond anime adaptation details follow. Click here to show spoilers.

During Volume 7 of the Light Novels, Mio assisted in helping Kakeru find the mastermind in Class 1-D, dubbed 'X' by the group, and while Kakeru attempted to narrow down the suspect, Kiyotaka comes forth and admitted himself that he is indeed Class D's mastermind. Mio disagreed with the statement, still thinking him to be just a stupidly nice guy, and tried thinking who else might be X. However, she was shocked when he reveals his knowledge of her plans on the survival test and that he sabotaged her plans which puts her in a state of disbelief and confusion. When Kei Karuizawa was eventually cornered and abused by Kakeru to get at Kiyotaka, which got his attention as he came to help her out.

LN Vol 07-11

Mio is stunned to learn Kiyotaka is D-Class' mastermind.

Mio watched in awe as Kiyotaka swiftly took down both Albert Yamada and Daichi Ishizaki, while afterward Mio took her turn at fighting him. He easily dodged all her attacks and her questioning about whether Kiyotaka is X, in which Kiyotaka bluntly replied "After all this you still don't believe that? (referring to him being X)". Mio replied that she was too confused or upset about Kiyotaka being X before being knocked out cold.

The next day after Kakeru's defeat, Mio met with him at the school lobby, in which she said that if Kakeru wanted to leave the school that he would have to fight her first.

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