Sae Chabashira
 Kanji 茶柱佐枝
 Romaji Chabashira Sae
General Information
 Gender Female
 Age 30
Physical Attributes
 Hair Color Brown
 Eye Color Brown
 Size(s) B:86
Personal Status
 Status Active
 Like(s) Flowers, Japanese History, Students that interest her
Professional Status
 Occupation Teacher
 Previous  Occupation Student
 Affiliation D-Class
 Novel Volume 1
 Manga Chapter 1
 Anime Episode 1
 Japanese Satō Rina
 English Jennifer Alyx

Sae Chabashira (茶柱佐枝(ちゃばしら さえ), Chabashira Sae?) is the home room teacher of D-class. Her teaching subject is Japanese history.

Appearance Edit

Sae Chabashira Anime Appearance

Sae Chabashira's full appearance.

Sae Chabashira is a young woman with long brown hair that is tied in a pony tail with brown eyes. She is mostly seen with a serious expression on her face though it does change into a smile on occasion.

Personality Edit

As a teacher, she is very serious in her job as she makes sure to teach the class about their subject. She follows the school rules to the letter as shown when she bluntly told Ken Sudō he would be expelled from the school for failing the test.

She appears to have a sadistic side as she called her students disappointing as she informed the students that they wouldn't receive points after they blew through them in a month and took joy in their anguish. She also demanded a large sum of points from Kiyotaka to stop Sudō from being expelled, she did this because she knew that he didn't have the amount to pay for such a thing.

Despite that, she shows leniency in teaching the class as while she was teaching the students were either sleeping or playing in their phones. She was also willing to rescind Sudō's expulsion after Kiyotaka and Suzune paid her to halt their classmates fate.

She seems to have taken an interest in Suzune and Kiyotaka as their selfless deed was something she had never seen at the school. She appears to recognizes the depths of Kiyotaka's intelligence and figure out that he was hiding his talents on purpose as he wouldn't be in the lowest ranking class if he was that amazing.

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